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In far 2012 the conceptional design of the unique outdoor modular furniture BXL was introduced for the first time. BXL. Shapes of logistic boxes inspired the engineers to create such transformers. Box dimensions are 80x120 cm, that is the regular capacity of the euro pallet.Thus, the modular furniture supply is quite easy to provide.

The first design and prototypes were presented in 2014. In 2016 the outdoor modular furniture BXL broke into a Swiss. Then the whole European market and met with the approval of customers for its mobility, multifunctionality and lightness of sofas and armchair used in the backyards.

Furniture as the adults tinker toys

The worldwide famous child’s play, where you can build everything you want still remains extremely popular with children. Far not the first generation has been brought up, building the models of all sorts with erector sets. As well as tinker toys, the BXL furniture, with its great flexibility, can be set as you wish.

The BXL product line is presented by 6 various boxes, differing only in final assembly variants. There can be from 3 to 8 of such variants herewith the number of seats can vary from 3 to 10.
One BXL module can be swiftly assembled into 3 armchairs with the width of 80 cm, 3 armchairs with the width of 120 cm or a sofa with the width of 360 cm and 2 armchairs with the width of 200 cm. Indeed there is a wealth of variations for customers to choose from.
Any lounge cafe owner will erect at least 3 and maximum 8 different lounge sets, if he purchases a BXL module. You can use BXL modules even more multifunctionally, purchasing such additional elements as table top and building gastronorm pan or bio fireplace in it. Also by adding a table top, the modular furniture may be transformed into dinner table or bar.

    The BXL modular furniture is unique

    'All modules are absolutely universal. You can assemble them into various combinations. Enhance the ready-made armchairs and sofas with functional table top, gastronorm pan and bio fire place, built in it. Even if you use the lounge set for business, it can be easily transformed into a cozy set for leisure.

    The flexibility of outdoor furniture module gives you the unique opportunity to place it on the terrace, in the garden as well as in the outdoor café or even on the yacht.

    If the presentation or public event is to be organized quickly assembled and broken apart BXL module is an ideal choice.

    Comfortable assembly with no effort

    To make the outdoor furniture assembly convenient the panels are equipped with the unique click-clack fastening mechanism. It allows connection and disconnection with no screw driver and other tools.

    Any furniture configuration is assembled in 5 minutes. Each module has an attached foolproof guidance with the thorough description of all module combinations assembly. The attached guidance includes the pictures of the assembled armchairs and sofas as wel as the list of all additional elements, purchasable for making a furniture set even more multirole.

    Easy storage and transport

    Assembled outdoor furniture is 7 times bigger than broken apart and ready to transport box.

    The dimensions of packed module are 80*120*70 cm, the elements fully fit the space of euro palette. It allows to transport the module effortlessly and keep it in the warehouse with taking little space.

    The ergonomics of BXL furniture guarantees the convenient transport with the vehicle of any kind.

    Loft as a design style icon

    Loft style is borrowed from the USA, where the out-of-use factories and plants have been redesigned into apartments. In such type of dwelling the whole. interior carried one back to its industrial past.

    Loft cafes are ideal location to place the outdoor modular практичности и удобства сборки. В отличие от мебели furniture for its practical design and convenient assembly.

    Unlike synthetic rattan furniture, the BXL armchairs and sofas are quickly transformed and make it possible to choose a colour palette, suiting any interior.

    When order the BXL module, loft café owner can select preferable furniture color and additional elements – table tops, bio fire places etc.

    Outdoor furniture suits even the sidewalk café, just place it outside with sunshades. If it is rainy, the set dries out quickly, does not lose its color and shape.

    Company label on the furniture as a key to success and brand strength.

    Big companies, having their own well-known brand, very often use branding for all their properties.

    Putting company logo on the piece of furniture is not only stylish and sightly, but practical, since emphasizes the high status of organization.

    Our company suggests the following types of personalization:

    • printing;
    • poker wor;
    • logo thermal transfer to the cushion.

    'Designers of the unique BXL modules have a great experience in furniture branding.

    We can offer the catalogue, where every customer can select the module, additional elements, color and types of branding.

    Thanks to the innovational programs, designers are able to visualize the selected module in the cyberspace and the desirable interior.



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    Composition-100% acrylic fibers

    • Anti-mold
    • Dirt-repellent coating
    • Water resistant
    • Resistance to tear 6 mPa
    • usage cycles





    Composition-vinyl top layer, substrate 100% cotton

      • Anti-mold
      • Dirt-repellent coating
      • Water resistant
      • Resistance to tear 10 mPа
      • usage cycles
      • Anti-static finish
    Panel color classification


    Morning mist


    Dark Night